The Appellants appeal from an Order of the High Court (Allen J) made on 17 December 2020 directing the winding-up of Lanskey Limited (hereafter “the Company”) and appointing John Healy of Kirby Healy as liquidator of the Company.

The winding-up order was made on the petition of Joseph Byrne, a 40% shareholder in the Company. The Appellants are, respectively, the wife and son of the Petitioner, who between them hold the remaining 60% shareholding in the Company. Sean Byrne was a director of the Company prior to the making of the winding-up order. The Petitioner, who is in his 70s, had also been a director though as of the hearing of the winding-up petition before the High Court, there was some dispute as to whether he remained as a director or whether he had resigned. Catríona Byrne had been secretary of the Company as well as a director but had resigned as a director in August 2020.

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